Greta Milano comes from the desire to give new energy to the fur world, from the necessity to lighten it and from the ambition of passing down the tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Elegance, innovation, sustainability and Italian spirit are the values that characterise the brand.

Greta Milano firmly believes in the power of the hands and in the sustainability of the products. For this reason, we take special care of every single detail of the creation process, from the choice of materials (which are 100% natural and certificated) to the product wearability. Greta Milano sustains and embrace the “slow fashion” culture, therefore we only produce on request.
This mindset not only allows us to create only top-quality items for our clients, but it also allows the brands to eliminate waste and guarantee a minimal impact on the environment.

Greta was born in Milan and was raised among the working tables of the fur workshop of her parents, Dario and Claudia, who passed on their passion for the job.
Greta has always been fascinated from the manual skill and the archaic gestures of this job, so she decided to follow in the family’s footsteps. Dario Borghi and his wife Claudia Zanchi, who for more than thirty years have been working alongside Italy’s and Europe’s most important fashion houses, have been the best teachers to learn from. In 2019 they started to entertain the idea of creating a brand of their own in order to give expression to their knowledge and their creativity, and in 2020 they finally launched Greta Milano.

Cutting-edge techniques and research are the main ingredients of the creations, where traditional elements and clean lines meet the innovation in working methods and treatments. Colours, inlaying designs and plays of height are used with wise knowledge to create timeless items of clothing.


In Italy
Greta Milano handcrafts its items in Milan, according to the tradition of Italian tailoring.


Every piece of item has an history of its own: it is born from an intuition that is metabolized and transformed into reality through an artistic process.


The intrinsic artistic process and the craftsmanship characterize every item which becomes unique and inimitable.


The authentic and refined design combine the past with the present to create items of eternal elegance.