Through this collection I wanted to glorify a value that we have lost nowadays which I consider very important: Sacrality. Not in a religious connotation but as purifying, superior energy, an invisible power that brings hope, a tool for salvation. Every item has its own specific message and it hides an interpretation of this value.

The power of the Art

We firmly believe in the power of the art in all its forms, and in the unique ability of dancing to communicate. For this reason, for our first campaign we have decided to work with Tempiodaylight, an emerging group of professional performers that gave an innovative and original taste to our collection, re-interpreting the meaning of Sacralità.

It is late at night. Four female bodies are lying on the floor, unconscious. A man is carrying a cross as he brings the horn to his mouth, making a long sound. The women stand up like soldiers on the day of the battle. As soldiers on the day of the battle they dress up, each of them with their armour, ready to fight to bring back into the world the gentleness of femininity. The cross enlightens the path.

The Light Platoon proceeds relentless in the process of transformation. Their grace pervades the male body, and they make it gentle. The five bodies are now indistinguishable: delicate Angels protectors of beauty.