Nothing is more comfortable than an item of clothing that fits like a glove. For this reason, in our workshop every piece of item is created following the rules of Italian tailoring.

During a first meeting, we choose the model and the material, then we proceed taking measurements to adapt the design to the shape of your body. Before completing the item, we do as many dress fittings as necessary in order to make the changes needed to have the item fit you perfectly.


Why do we love fur?
The most important reason we love this material it its longevity and its ability to re-adapt and transform through time. If well preserved, fur can live through three generations and can be transformed infinite times during its life. Several clients come to our workshop every year with an inherited fur coat they emotionally love but cannot wear because of its dated style, asking what can be done. Well, this amazing material can be used to create a fresh new piece of clothing, or it can be totally transformed and become a blanket, a pillow, a bag…